Environmental impact index

For each component, we have calculated the values of the 3 environmental impact indicators:

Carbon Footprint:
in terms of the CO2 equivalent, it measures the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) for the entire life cycle of the product. This indicator
follows the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) evaluation method.

Unit of measure: kg CO2 eq (or kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent).

Water Footprint.
Water Footprint: it is the indicator introduced by A.Y.Hoekstra (UNESCO-IHE) that includes the direct and indirect volume of water consumed during the life cycle of the product.

Unit of measure: l H2O (or litres of water used).

Ecopoint: it allows to measure different significant environmental impacts and express them through one indicator. The ReCiPeEndpoint(H) V1.04/Europe ReCiPe H/A method is used for this calculation.

Unit of measure: Pt (representing a summary of a multiple of numerical indicators of environmental impact).

By providing the values for each composition in the picture, clients can have an immediate idea of its environmental impact and they can make a eco conscious choice that is not just based on the aesthetics and/or economic characteristics.

*The values provided refer to the composition showed in the picture and does not include the throw cushions and small tables.