Qualità dei divani Lago Air

Frame and Glass SupportSeatsBackrests / Arms

Frames and glass supports

Loads borne

Loads borne

The anodized aluminium frame constitutes a solid base for the sofa.

Lightness of divani Air


The Legs, like the ones of Air Beds, are made from tempered glass and are very robust. Despite that, the sunspension on the glasses gives the sofa a sense of lightness.


The glass is finished with elegant little feet in a plastic material that absorbs impact protecting all kinds of floor.


The spring mechanisms

To facilitate the positioning of the seats, a quick fastening system was designed using spring mechanisms that make the assembly and reconfiguration of the sofa simple and intuitive. The mechanism has a safety device that locks the seat to the frame as soon as the preferred position has been decided.

The holder

The spring mechanisms that make the assembly and reconfiguration of the sofa simple is made with an innovative biopolymer that is 37% derived from renewable sources (corn) and is characterized by increasedmechanical performance.

Backrests/ Arms

Strap resistance

The material chosen for the strap, aluminium, is a flexible substance that allows the seatbacks to bend from behind in response to body weight, up to a load of three hundred kilograms. The seat thus becomes more welcoming and ergonomic. The testing carried out at the Machine Construction Laboratory of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Padua guarantees the resistance of the materials and the safety of the system. The material can bend, but will never buckle or permanently deform.

Fasten system

The seatbacks fasten to the frame with a quick attachment that was designed and patented by LAGO. The aluminium strap fastens to the frame with a simple click and can be easily unfastened by pressing a little lever.


upholstery quality


Polyurethane d25: it is a foam characterized by high flexibility, transpirability and carrying capacity.
Memory Foam:it’s a layer of viscose foam that provides comfort.
Solotex:it’s a high performance fiber made from PTT; thank to its surface and its specific molecolar structure (similar to a spring), this new fiber ensures a high portability and a quick shape recovery, improving the tactile feeling and comfort. It’s fireproof (class 1-IM e BS-5852), transpirant and washable with high temperature water. It’s ÖKO-TEX Standard 100 certified.
Polyester wadding: it’s a polyester paddingon on a support of cotton fabric.
Limpha: Limpha polyurethane, a microcellular polyurethane foam characterised by high
elasticity, load-bearing capacity and breathability; it is made using high quality raw materials, which employ over 30% of
natural vegetal substances, reducing the use of non-renewable resources.
Polyurethane d40: high density shaped polyuretane.