Is it possible to transform the usual and monolithic sofa?
We transfered the value of modularity, always very important to Lago, to an upholstery product.
Divano AIR transforms itself, changes its configuration according to your needs, thank to a simple and intuitive system construction which is structured in 4 levels.

levels 1 and 2 of the system construction of Divano air LAGO

A solid base

Level 1 and 2

the anodized aluminium frame and the tempered glass supports constitutes the load-bearing base of the sofas.The glass is finished
with elegant little feet in a plastic material that absorbs impact.

level 3 system construction of Divani air LAGO

Sit wherever you want

Level 3

seats can easily be unplugged, moved and fastened to the frame fitting the sofa for any situation.

level 4 system construction of Divani air LAGO

Change everythig

Level 4

as for the seats, the vertical elements can be moved everywhere you desire along the frame, becoming backrests or arms.